Talam Leadership transforms individuals and organizations to Become more Intentional, effective, and impactful. Our Clients Achieve New levels of growth and unlock potential.  


We work with with people from across diverse professions, where the pace and demands for meeting increasing performance goals are ever growing. Our clients become empowered with new ways to successfully manage business, interpersonal, and corporate complexities faced within the context of their organizations.  Our clients strengthen their executive capacities to become more reflective, pivot faster and to make decisions which reflect reflect their own unique style and critical business needs.  


what we do

Find out more about our organization, services we offer, and the values we embrace and bring to our client engagements.  

Talam has helped me navigate career transitions, overcome obstacles, and enhance my relationship skills. I would recommend him to anyone looking for help to accomplish their desired outcomes.”
— Tom, Cloud Computing Executive - Washington, D.C

Executive Development

Learn more about the development and support approaches we bring to our executives that make them more self aware, impactful, and better able to manage the complexities of leading their organization successfully.

“Greg listens empathetically and provides practical real world advice that leads to sustainable change in those he advises and supports.”
— Brad, HR Management - Washington D.C. Region