Our Mission and Values

We uncover, instill, and strengthen leadership capacities within people and organizations. Our goals are centered in developing grounded relational competencies that enable each person to achieve their greatest potential. Talam is a Gaelic word which means “the ground”. Our philosophy is towards grounding leadership in humanistic considerations that result in a better world. We work with business professionals and individuals to develop interpersonal leadership capacities that are grounded, authentic, and impactful.

What We Do:

     -  Develop senior manager and executive leadership capacities

     -  Support growth of personal capabilities to be more inclusive and decisive

     -  Help build authentic and grounded leadership presence

     -  Develop principle-oriented decision making, that considers people and business as mutually             inclusive

     -  Bring our curiosity and expertise to bear against the most complex consulting engagements

The Values Driving Our Behaviors and Choices:

  • Be Deliberately Developmental - always pushing our growth edges to expand where viable
  • Respect and appreciate the unique potential of each person
  • Collaborate towards greater effectiveness - community and interpersonal collaboration allows us to overcome and succeed on the most complex challenges
  • Accept that some failures are essential stepping stones for learning and success...it's part of the path
  • Intentional Integrity...it's not just about 'business'...it's about people and taking responsibility for what we create in our ecosystem of relationships and community